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Starting out is one of the hardest things to do. From fitness journeys, to this blog post – just getting started sometimes seems to be an impossible task. The things is, once you get out of your own way and take that first step, momentum builds upon itself. It can be scary, especially as we get older, to try new things. Or to admit to ourselves that yes, we are about to begin yet another fitness journey, because for whatever reason that last time didn’t stick. Trust me, I get it! But here is another important note: you are not alone. This world is huge, with billions of people, and even so we can often times feel alone. Alone with our thoughts and doubts, alone with our insecurities, thinking we are on an island by ourselves facing this huge barrier. But the truth is you are not alone. We are here for you! Functional Fitness Park Side was founded on a commitment to community – a community that comes together to share in each other’s victories and to weather storms together. We believe that everyone has something to share and contribute, and we want to help you become physically (and mentally) able to do that. Come share with us and take that first step toward a healthier you!

~Coach Russ

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